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Jennifer's is known worldwide for her Daily and Monthly Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes Videos. She gets Straight to the Point with Real Time Horoscope Analysis. 

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Daily Horoscopes per Sun Sign
Jennifer, best known for her outstanding astrology knowledge and world renown Daily Horoscopes in the New York Daily News, now has her exclusive Daily Horoscopes available by subscription. Four days are shown, which allows everyone around the world on different time zones to view - yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Weekly Horoscope Videos per Sun Sign
Back by popular demand, Jennifer's snapshot horoscope videos get straight to the point outlining what the stars reveal for each sign, every week. You have access to four weeks.

Monthly Horoscopes per Sun Sign
A monthly overview of how the planets will encourage and challenge you each month x two months. 

SOUL CLUB Community Membership
A community of like-minded people where you can share your ideas and experiences of anything cosmic, metaphysical, spiritual as well as love and life based.  

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Jennifer is resident astrology for STAR, one of America's top celebrity magazines, known for the work in New York Daily News, and has been published worldwide, from New York to Sydney.


Her Daily and Monthly Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscope videos are exclusive to the STAR Daily Membership Monthly Subscription package. 
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